The Storm and The Semi

Editor’s Note: The following article is an excerpt from my manuscript detailing my own abuse. Please see “My Story of Abuse” under the category link.

The Storm and Semi

It was Friday afternoon and I was excited because I got to get out of school early! I wasn’t too excited about going to the doctor’s again, though. He was from Germany, or some place like that and I had a hard time understanding what he was saying to me. Not to mention he scared me. Mom and Dad would glare at me and say, “Answer the doctor.” About that time, Mrs. Weaver from the principal’s office came to our door and I knew she was coming to get me. I gathered up my books and reached back into my desk to retrieve the green beans and corn I had hidden from lunch time. Mrs. Moore made us eat everything on our trays, whether it gagged us or not. I hated green beans and corn mixed together and I would put them in my napkin when she wasn’t looking and stuff them in my desk. When we got black olives, I stuffed those in my empty milk carton, and she never did catch me doing it. She was mean. She was tall and skinny with gray hair, and she always wore high-heels and always carried a white hanky to wipe her nose with. When she saw Mrs. Weaver at the door, she looked at me and said, “Victoria gather your books and jacket—oh, you didn’t wear one today did you. On Monday, I want to see you with a jacket on—these Fall mornings are much too cool to come to school without a jacket. I’m not in the least bit surprised you’re not well. Don’t argue with your Mother Monday—wear a coat.” Continue reading “The Storm and The Semi”

Huge Black Snake

Editor’s Note: The following article is an excerpt from my manuscript detailing my own abuse. Please see “My Story of Abuse” under the category link.

Black Snake

My earliest childhood memories were of a cute little white house we lived in that sat back off a very busy highway. It had a big yard for us to play in, but I can remember the semi’s going by really fast and the wind they made would blow my hair all around, and it would throw dirt all over me if I got close to the road. It was scary if you stood too close to the road. I may have been four years old when we moved from Shinnston to this little white house in McKeefry. Continue reading “Huge Black Snake”

How My Healing Began

Editor’s Note: The following article is an excerpt from my manuscript detailing my own abuse. Please see “My Story of Abuse” under the category link.

Healing Sprouts

The time has come for you to begin your recovery and healing process. I won’t promise it will be easy, but living the way you are now isn’t easy either. It is time to take care of you and to bring back as much of the real you as possible. Continue reading “How My Healing Began”

Cast of Characters

Editor’s Note: The following article is a cast of characters from my manuscript detailing my own abuse. Please see “My Story of Abuse” under the category link.

My personal story of abuse and neglect will be told in story format. I am currently working on a manuscript about my abuse; and therefore, I will use those stories (true) for my blog spot. The characters names are the same as in my manuscript.

Cast of Characters

Crystal – the oldest child

Darcie – the middle child

Victoria – the youngest child (also, at age thirteen an alter comes forth by the same name of Victoria)

Dottie – Victoria’s family nickname

Dot – Her Dad referred to her as Dot (she was also the alter that held all the pain and abuse)

Mara – the Mother

Joe – the Father

Broch – Victoria’s Husband

Joshua – Broch and Victoria’s Son

Elaine – Crystal’s Daughter

Greg & Louise – Broch’s cousins

Michael – first serious relationship after Broch’s death
Continue reading “Cast of Characters”

Seek Out Professional Help

Professional Help

Child abuse destroys lives. If you suspect your child is being abused, or you know your child has been abused you will need the expertise of the professionals to treat the child as soon as possible to prevent acute problems in the future. If you are an adult survivor of child abuse, you too, need to seek the help from professionals to guide you through the healing process.
A multitude of child abuse treatment professionals are available to assist you on your road to recovery. You need a professional to assess your child’s needs, or your needs to access the damage done and to make recommendations for treatment. The following is a list of professionals you can turn to that will see you through the process of healing: primary care doctor’s recommendations, psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers. Continue reading “Seek Out Professional Help”

Personality Disorders From Abuse

Nothing in this content, or on this blog should be considered, or used as a substitute for, medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. This site is strictly for education, support and awareness of child abuse. You should always talk to your health care provider for diagnosis and treatment, including your specific medical needs.

Not all abused children will experience disorders. However, depending upon the duration and severity; many will suffer with one or more of the following: Continue reading “Personality Disorders From Abuse”

What is Traumatic Amnesia?

Traumatic Amnesia is usually contributed to child sexual abuse. When a child is being abused, oftentimes, they have not a clue what is happening to them. It’s horrifying and all you want to do is escape. We have the ability to do just that—our minds takes us away to a better place until the act is over. When we “come back” we have no recollection of the abuse. Although, the damage is still on-going in our minds and bodies. Everyone believed me to be very shy, but it was fear they were witnessing. If there was someone strange around, I would hide behind someone because they couldn’t see me, thus, they couldn’t get me. Continue reading “What is Traumatic Amnesia?”

Why Bring it up Now?

For adult survivors of child abuse; it is not an uncommon thing for them to have buried and forgotten their abuse. It is one of our defense mechanisms for survival. Many may never recall the abuse. While others may not remember until they are middle-aged, or older. The repression of child abuse memories is called “Trauma Amnesia.”
Others in your life may ask you, “Why bring all this up now?” It is not an uncommon question you may be asked now that you’ve decided to fight and get your life back to the fullest extent possible. Most people do not realize the lasting impact of child abuse. It touches every aspect of your being across your life. We were robbed of our childhoods; it has affected every relationship we have ever been in; it has destroyed our self-esteem and confidence; some of the damage will never be repaired; the abuse effects present day relationships and those to come; we will never live up to our full potential; no one ever gets use to going hungry; those of us who went without food will never be as intelligent as we might have been had we received the proper nutrition to grow our brains—just to name a few. That is why we bring this up now! Continue reading “Why Bring it up Now?”

40 Red Flags for Child Abuse

There is an abundance of signs and symptoms when a child is being abused. The child may feel ashamed, embarrassed, fearful, guilty, or confused. General red flags you should watch for:

– Frequent absences from school and other activities
– Depression, nervousness, clinginess, rebellious or defiant behavior
– Changes in school performance
– A child that’s angry, resentful, aggressive or exhibits a loss of self-confidence
– Attempts at running away
– Bed-wetting
– Poor appetite
– Suicide attempts
– Frightened of parents
Continue reading “40 Red Flags for Child Abuse”