Cast of Characters

Editor’s Note: The following article is a cast of characters from my manuscript detailing my own abuse. Please see “My Story of Abuse” under the category link.

My personal story of abuse and neglect will be told in story format. I am currently working on a manuscript about my abuse; and therefore, I will use those stories (true) for my blog spot. The characters names are the same as in my manuscript.

Cast of Characters

Crystal – the oldest child

Darcie – the middle child

Victoria – the youngest child (also, at age thirteen an alter comes forth by the same name of Victoria)

Dottie – Victoria’s family nickname

Dot – Her Dad referred to her as Dot (she was also the alter that held all the pain and abuse)

Mara – the Mother

Joe – the Father

Broch – Victoria’s Husband

Joshua – Broch and Victoria’s Son

Elaine – Crystal’s Daughter

Greg & Louise – Broch’s cousins

Michael – first serious relationship after Broch’s death

Dot – The child that “held” the abuse. She was the “bad” one that took the punishment and carried it.
Dottie – The child that was the baby of the family, her father’s “pick.” She’s the one that has the fond memories of her father—sitting on his lap at night in the blue recliner watching TV. She was “his” tomboy—because he wanted so much to have a son. She’d have to try and be his son. She hung out with him, fixing whatever needed fixing, retrieving his rooster from under the house, fooling with ponies, dogs, horses, fences, overhauling engines in cars, going fishing… she was “Daddy’s Little Girl.”
Victoria – She showed up at age 14 when Dot tried to kill herself. Dot needed to “get away” and through Phyllis she was able to escape and stay hidden for 37 years!

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