What Happened to the Sexually Abusive Catholic Priests?

The Storm and Semi

The Vatican defrocked close to 400 priests from 2011-2012. There were a “scant few” disciplined by the Vatican. It would appear that some church polices discipline their own and decide if the priest’s allegations are true or not. When did the Church become jury, judge and executioner? I thought the laws of the US governed all. Was I wrong? Continue reading “What Happened to the Sexually Abusive Catholic Priests?”

The Archdiocese of Boston

Catholic Church

The Boston Globe broke the story of the sexual abuse in the Roman Catholic church in Boston. After the story broke, many more came forward with allegations against priests in that diocese until it was a full-blown scandal in the United States and Ireland.

Insurance companies refused to pay for the damages by the abusive priests; stating it was a deliberate act on the priests part. Therefore, the Church had to pay for the damages. Law-suits won by the accusers totaled a whopping $100 million! It became necessary for the Boston Diocese to sell off property to Boston College to cover the cost of all the law-suits. Continue reading “The Archdiocese of Boston”



Spoiler Alert (I will be writing about the movie, Spotlight, giving detailed accounts of the movie)
The 2015 dramatization, Spotlight is a factual story first brought to light by The Boston Globe in 2002 regarding the child sexual abuse cases committed by some of the Roman Catholic priests and nuns in Boston, MA. The film won the Best Picture Award at the 88th Academy Awards with flawless performances and brilliant direction. Continue reading “Spotlight”