Editor’s Note: The following article is an excerpt from my manuscript detailing my own abuse. Please see “My Story of Abuse” under the category link.


A tiny girl, with the deck stacked against her
malicious world, supposed protector
Everyone believed that he was so kind
But Victoria, could only escape him in her mind

Over the years, the wounds tend to fester
Two faces in the mirror, designed for those who test her
Shadows of the past, creeping from behind
And Victoria, can only escape them in her mind . . .

Comfort only found, with those who kept her bound
As long as she would stay, they’d keep her fears away

Remnants of a girl, with the deck stacked against her
Created her own world, as a way to protect her
And everyone believed that her life was just fine
But Victoria, could only escape it in her mind

© 2016



Am I avoiding the issue by avoiding the pain?

Is it really my fault? Am I truly insane?

They say there’s a child inside us all

I think I can see her so sad and so small

She’s hiding and fearful, won’t come out no way

to stay down inside where it’s safe and there’s others

to protect her from rapists and fathers and mothers

the other have warned her it’s dangerous outside

there’s tears and there’s anger she’d much rather hide

So, I do what I have to to keep her from harm

Way down in my soul all covered and warm

I’ll let her stay in there; I’m stronger than she

I’m outside and empty, while she’s really me

Author Unknown