Child Neglect and Its Impact

When speaking of child abuse—neglect often gets swept under the rug. Some believe neglect isn’t a real type of abuse. However, not meeting a child’s physical, emotional, health care, supervision, educational needs and not providing safe housing is neglect. Neglect is definitely a form of child abuse that can have long-lasting negative effects on a child’s life.

I was neglected as a child and I still have vivid memories of going without food, clothing, emotional neglect and verbal assaults on a regular basis. I am now 60 years-old, and I still am fighting some of the long-term effects of neglect. I did not live in a safe environment living with an alcoholic, abusive father and mother. Countless nights, my sister would crouch down with me in a hiding place to keep our drunken Dad from taking us in the car. He would come home drunk and start screaming and fighting with our mother. I still to this day can hear them screaming at each other. One night, my Dad was actually going to shoot our mother! Continue reading “Child Neglect and Its Impact”