Morning Sunrise

Editor’s Note: The following article is an excerpt from my manuscript detailing my own abuse. Please see “My Story of Abuse” under the category link.

The Storm

We had arrived at Rodanthe on Saturday and had the cottage until the following Saturday. Everything was going okay, but Broch still seemed distant. It was Wednesday and he didn’t act much different towards me than he had. We had spent no real time together doing something on our own; not even dinner. I suggested we get up the next morning and watch the sunrise together. We got up while it was still dark and headed for the beach.
We both sat down in the sand and neither of us was very talkative. Broch finally said, “it’s about time for the sun; I’m going to get Joshua up.” I was shocked that he wanted to go and get Joshua up; this was to be some much needed time alone. I said, “No Broch, can’t just the two of us enjoy this?” He said, “I promised him.” At that, I got up and started walking down the beach looking for shells for Joshua. Even though the sun wasn’t out it was still beautiful walking through the sand and surf. I walked a good piece down the beach and decided to turn around and head back. As I turned, I saw my single set of footprints in the sand and Broch still sitting in the sand. I felt the presence of God so strongly, and simply said, “Are you carrying me today?”
I got back to Broch and he said, “Well, no sun. Let’s go get the kids up and fed and figure out what we’re doing today.” He and my niece always wanted to spend as much time at the beach as possible and I was the scheduler for this vacation. We made our way back to the cottage without speaking a word. We decided since there were storms in the area and the forecast was for rain that would take in a movie and do some sovereign shopping. But then I realized they could have maybe an hour down at the beach before we left. So, off to the beach we headed. Broch and I decided the waves were too high for any of us to get in the water, and we’d just work on our tans and relax. Broch and I lay back in our lounge chairs while my niece and Joshua ran down to the surf.
In just a few minutes, my niece, Elaine come back asking Broch if she could get a boogie board that had washed in. Broch raised up and looked, and said, “no Elaine, it’s too far out.” Another ten minutes passed and she was back saying the board had washed closer in; could she get it. Broch raised up and looked, and said, “Yes, but get it and get out.” He glanced at me and said, “I’m going to walk down and check this boogie board out.” So he jumped up and headed for the water; while I laid back down.
In a few minutes, Joshua came running to be and said, “I think there in trouble Mom.”
(To Be Cont.)
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