Myths About Child Abuse & Neglect

Myth or Fact

For a better understanding of child abuse and neglect, you will need to know the ones that are purely mythical.

MYTH: Parents who abuse their children are bad and unloving people.
FACT: Parents who are abusive are not in control. Being violent with a child will not make the child behave better; learn how to make good decisions in life, nor learn how to control their behavior.

MYTH: It is only abusive if it is violent
FACT: Verbal abuse can be most damaging; along with, neglect.

MYTH: They will grow out of it
FACT: Adults that have been abused or neglected as children can have daunting emotional and physical problems. A lot of people do not “grow” out of abuse.

MYTH: Good parent do grow frustrated or become angry with their child/ren
FACT: All parents will at one time or another be very angry with their child/ren. It is okay to be angry, but it is not okay to act on that angry and hurt a child/ren.

MYTH: Child abuse or neglect is rare
FACT: Child abuse and/or neglect, unfortunately, is not a rare occurrence; it happens way too often. One in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys will be sexually abused before they turn 18 years old. Parents must realize that yelling and hitting; threatening; or shouting can be very damaging to a child.

MYTH: People who abuse children are mentally ill
FACT: Sexual abusers are not necessarily mentally ill. Many have sexual relationships with another adult. These abusers may have a sexual orientation for children.

MYTH: People who sexually abuse children have been sexually abused themselves.
FACT: The majority of children abused are female and most sexual abusers are male.

MYTH: Children make up stories of abuse
FACT: Most children have no idea what is happening to them when they are sexually abused; which eliminates the idea they make it up. The vast majority of sexually abused children never tell of their abuse and predators get away with it.

MYTH: Abusers are bad people; good people do not abuse
FACT: A lot of abusers were abused themselves as children and know no other way of parenting. Some abusers struggle with mental health issues, alcohol or drugs. Not all abusers are bad people.

MYTH: Child abuse and neglect does not happen in wealthy families.
FACT: Child abuse and neglect can happen in any household. Being wealthy has no voice when it comes to child abuse and neglect.

MYTH: Most children do not know their abuser
FACT: Some may not know their abusers, but many abusers are often family members, neighbors, or someone in contact with the child

MYTH: A child is to blame for their own abuse
FACT: Children are never to blame for being abused or neglected. The abuser is at fault. Ofttimes, the abuser will try to blame the child saying they were seductive, or asking for it.