Universal Pedophile Symbols and Abbreviations

The following are symbols and abbreviations used in the pedophilia community to communicate with each other:

Pedophilia Symbols
Pedophilia Symbols

Top Left: Boy Lover Top Right: Little Boy Lover
Middle Left: Girl Lover Middle Right: Child Lover
Bottom: Childlove online media

Pedophilia Jewelry

Pedophile Jewelry

Abbreviations used to classify their interests for other pedophiles within their ring:

* CL: ChildLover/pedophile
* GL: Girl Lover/Attracted to girls
* BL: BoyLover/Attracted to boys
* YF: Young Friend, used when speaking about a victim
* CP: Child Porn
* LG: Little Girl
* LB: Little Boy
* GM: Girl Moment – which is time spent with a young girl
* BM: Boy Moment – same as Girl Moment* AoA: Short for “age of attraction”
* MAA: Minor attracted adult (pedophile)
* AoC: Age of (legal) consent