Myths About Child Abuse & Neglect

Myth or Fact

For a better understanding of child abuse and neglect, you will need to know the ones that are purely mythical.

MYTH: Parents who abuse their children are bad and unloving people.
FACT: Parents who are abusive are not in control. Being violent with a child will not make the child behave better; learn how to make good decisions in life, nor learn how to control their behavior. Continue reading “Myths About Child Abuse & Neglect”

Can’t Say “No?”

Woman No

Are you one of those women that never tells anyone no? Are you a people pleaser? If you answered yes to one of those questions, please read on. Sexual abuse breeds people pleasers who cannot say no even to sex! I know, I was one of those women. If I would have told one of my parents no, they would have broken me in half. I didn’t even think about telling anyone no because it would make a bad situation even worse. Continue reading “Can’t Say “No?””

40 Red Flags for Child Abuse

There is an abundance of signs and symptoms when a child is being abused. The child may feel ashamed, embarrassed, fearful, guilty, or confused. General red flags you should watch for:

– Frequent absences from school and other activities
– Depression, nervousness, clinginess, rebellious or defiant behavior
– Changes in school performance
– A child that’s angry, resentful, aggressive or exhibits a loss of self-confidence
– Attempts at running away
– Bed-wetting
– Poor appetite
– Suicide attempts
– Frightened of parents
Continue reading “40 Red Flags for Child Abuse”