The Impact of Broch’s Death

Editor’s Note: The following article is an excerpt from my manuscript detailing my own abuse. Please see “My Story of Abuse” under the category link.

The Storm and Semi

Broch and I were in the process of making out our wills, but they were not finished when he died. Which meant a lot of hassle for me. I attended a court hearing and was granted permission to settle the estate. In the process of doing so, I needed the registration card for our vehicle to have it put into my name. While going through the glove box, I found a card from another woman that worked with Broch. Her name was Sue and I had met her on a couple of occasions. Broch felt badly for her because she was a single parent and a nice person.

I opened the card and started reading. It was a love letter to Broch from her! I jumped out of the car and screamed to the sky, “What were you doing to me?” I cried hysterically for who knows how long. I couldn’t quite wrap my head around the fact he had not one mistress, but two! Or who knows how many. I felt so bad, I just wanted to die on the spot. It had only been three weeks since his death and I was still totally devastated over his death, now another mistress.

She was the one my pastor told me about that he had to pull out of the casket. He said, “that woman almost knocked the casket over!” At the same time, she came and cried on my shoulder. After finding her love letter, I immediately wrote her a letter and told her about my discovery and told her if she ever contacted me, or my son I’d beat her to death.

The first mistress I discovered had a miscarriage about six weeks after Broch’s death. I felt guilty for feeling this way, but the twins could have been Broch’s (his Mom was a twin), and I was glad she was hurting.

I went through nightmare after nightmare trying to get his estate settled and had a wonderful attorney that took care of a good bit of it for me free of charge. I’ll never forget his kindness.
I was the type of woman that lived in her husband’s shadow. I was content being Broch’s wife and Joshua’s Mom. Broch took care of taxes, bills, money—everything. Which made things doubly difficult for me. When he passed, I didn’t know if I had a dime or $10K. Broch’s checkbook was on-line and no one could break his password to get it. He didn’t keep a hard-copy of our check register. The bank ended up freezing the account for three months! I had to depend on friends and family for money to live on until his life insurance money arrived.

He had always told me that he had a universal policy and it would cover me, and the only way I’d need a lot of money if he were killed prematurely. He said, “you’ll get twice the amount if I’m killed accidentally.” His life insurance agent said, “no, he did not have that on this policy.” Broch wouldn’t have made that type of mistake, and he’d told me three or four times that I’d receive double if he were accidentally killed. Broch was a perfectionist and wouldn’t have let such a thing slide. But, I only received the face value of the policy.
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