What Happened to the Sexually Abusive Catholic Priests?

The Storm and Semi

The Vatican defrocked close to 400 priests from 2011-2012. There were a “scant few” disciplined by the Vatican. It would appear that some church polices discipline their own and decide if the priest’s allegations are true or not. When did the Church become jury, judge and executioner? I thought the laws of the US governed all. Was I wrong?

In the US, close to 17,000 people have come forward with allegations of abuse from 1950 to 2012! Widespread abuse has also been reported in Latin American, Italy, Germany, Spain, and other countries. It appears that abusive priests are a global matter; not just a one or two country crisis. When was a law passed that says, the Pope or archdiocese can determine a religious person’s guilt or innocence when it comes to a crime? The figures are not accurate with each diocese deciding which allegations were credible; and which were not. And all the people that came forward with allegations against priests in 2003, when the Globe broke the story were not counted. And, I have read no research from anyone trying to get them included in the number of allegations in this scandal.

The Archdiocese of Minneapolis adopted a rule blocking abusive priests from their ministries, however, the Church created vague and difficult criteria for an allegation to be deemed probable.

The Church professes according to the allegations in the 70’s and 80’s the abuse is not moving forward; nor is it broadening. Advocates for victims say it’ll take some time to determine if the crisis is slowing down or not.
The sexual abuse crisis has cost the church $2.6 billion dollars and that was only for the years 2004-2012; with the most being paid out in 2007. However, the tally is expected to rise with the archdiocese of Los Angeles settling cases with 17 people; costing the church $13 million recently.

Critics claim every action taken by a cardinal, bishop or archbishop has been orchestrated by the Vatican and to the papacy. According to Frontline, “the Holy See (The Pope) has consistently placed the preservation of the reputation of the church and the protection of the perpetrators above children’s best interests.” What do you suppose Jesus would say about that?

The Vatican has refused to extradite a polish archbishop, Jozef Wesolowski who has been accused of sexually abusing teenage boys, and is believed to be living in the Vatican. From 2004 (not counting thousands in 2003) to 2014 there was a total of 3400 sexual abuse cases. There are 410,000 priests around the globe, and 2572 were “sentenced” to a lifetime of penance. On whose authority were they just given a lifetime of penance; opposed to a lifetime in jail?

Out of the Americans who have been raised Catholic; 48% have left the church. I think the numbers speak volumes as to the damage the abuse has caused in the church with 48% leaving the church before they reach eighteen.

The Pope is not beyond the laws of the lands; nor are the bishops, or archbishops, or anyone else in the Roman Catholic Church, but they’re getting away with it. These perpetrators are ruining lives, and they’re being reprimanded by the church? Give me a break people. How many other churches would get away with disciplining their pastors or ministers for sexual abuse and being out of the reach of the law? None, that’s how many would get away with it.