What is pedophila?


A pedophile is an adult with a sexual preference for children typically under the age of 13. A pedophile will fantasize about a child; they are sexually aroused by a child and experience sexual “urges” toward children. Most psychologists believe people with pedophilia will act on it in some way.

Pedophiles expose themselves to children, they watch them and touch children in a sexual way. Pedophiles that act on their urges can totally destroy a child’s life. However, jail time is normally around 11 years. Their victims can suffer for decades, or their entire lives. Pedophiles steal the child’s childhood years. Pedophiles “love” children and romanticize about them. They do not believe they are harming the child with their lewd acts. Even though some pedophiles will eventually kill their victims. For example, John Couey killed Jessica Lunsford after holding her for days and raping her. He starved her and buried her alive! She died on February 27, 2005, at the age of nine. Her father, Mark still fights for children.

John Mark Karr came forward and claimed to have killed Jonbenet Ramsey, but it was a false claim. They still do not know to this day who was responsible for her death. John Karr spoke of her as someone would speak of a lover. He fantasized about her, told how much he loved her, etc. Many pedophiles believe they are loving the child and mean her/him no harm. I’m not sure what that says about the pedophiles that kill their victims.

I personally suffered a death experience (choking) at the hands of my abuser when I was six years-old. He was performing a sexual act on me and I was choking to death on my own vomit. He actually revived me, or I would have died. My abuser was my father, and I suffered sexual abuse at his hands from the time I can remember until I started my menstrual cycle. He held me on his lap all the time telling me how much he loved me and he’d never hurt me.

What kind of people are pedophiles?

I think many envision them at playgrounds with long trench coats on waiting for an opportunity to expose themselves. A pedophile can be anyone. They can be your father, uncle, cousin, teacher, priest and the list goes on. Most victims know their abuser. Most molesters are males; with only six percent being females. Many are married and have sexual relationships with another adult.

What happens when pedophiles are convicted?

The average jail time for a pedophile is typically eleven years. In my opinion, they should at the get life; they take lives and destroy the child’s future. I’ve wished many times over the years that my abuser would have just killed me instead of living the life I have lived. Not that I haven’t had joyful times, and wonderful moments in my life; but I know I didn’t begin to reach my full potential as a human being. My abuse has touched every relationship I have ever been in. And the disorders I have from being abused made for one unhappy life. I’m sixty years old now, and still in therapy for my abuse. Eleven years is nothing for punishment for the pedophile. Most sexual abuse cases go unreported. If they are in prison, many times the inmates will kill them if they know they have harmed, or killed a child.

Florida, Louisiana, and California now allow “chemical castration” for sex offenders. Texas even allows a judge to order surgical castration. Castration seems like more justice than just serving eleven years and they are not rehabilitated. Little compared to destroying someone’s life. The victim ends up with more disorders than their abuser.

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