Who Does God Help?

Woman in Meadow

None of us shares exactly the same view on spirituality or have the same spiritual experiences. Some of you do not believe there is a God or a “Higher Power.” However, I think we all can get in touch with how we feel when we see a beautiful sunset, a desert, an ocean for the first time, a mountain range or just a walk in nature. We are surrounded by beauty and life, and there is a power that is responsible for all of it. Concentrate on what you feel when you experience one of his wonders I’ve mentioned above. Take those wonderful feelings and awe and allow them to become your Higher Power.

Alcoholics Anonymous came up with the twelve step program which works if you choose to work it. Soon there were other programs (narcotics, gamblers, etc) that sprang up from AA. They all use the same twelve step program that involves a Higher Power.
I have many memories as a child of feeling a wonderful feeling and presence with me as I was out riding my horse, or just walking through the woods. I recall the awe and wonder I felt seeing the oceans and the Rocky Mountains for the first time. It is true, we must take the time to stop and smell the roses. We then realize there is something much larger than we are out there. Use it for your Higher Power so you can get on with the healing process. I vividly recall the insane angry I felt toward God once my abuse memories resurfaced. I remember all the crying out to God for help I did throughout my years of abuse that appeared to fall on deaf ears.
My son was serving a mission for our church when my memories resurfaced. I wrote to him and asked, “if God doesn’t help a little five-year-old girl—who does He help? It set him back a step or two, but then his answer arrived in the mail one day. He told me, one of the greatest gifts we have been given is our right to choose right from wrong. It’s called our free agency. God does not intervene when someone makes a wrong decision; even if it affects another person. A very difficult concept for me to accept.
If you can get beyond the whys and hows and reach for the moments of awe and beauty around you—there is healing that can happen. But, you must be “open” to receive it.
We cannot heal without the help of our Higher Power—it just isn’t within us.
Ask expecting to receive and you will.

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